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Optimizing Workflow with Default Ready-By Settings
Optimizing Workflow with Default Ready-By Settings

Optimize your workflow with CleanCloud's guide on setting default ready-by times, excluding days, and managing store closures.

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Simplify your workflow management by customizing default ready-by days or hours, excluding specific days, and accommodating store close dates.

Setting Default Ready-By Days or Hours

  1. Navigate to Settings > Admin > Workflow > General Settings.

  2. Under 'Default Order Ready By' choose 'Days' or 'Time' and set the required specifications.

  3. Set the 'Default Order Ready By if Time is After' if needed.

  4. Click 'Update' to save changes.

Note: The Ready-By settings now refreshes at midnight, eliminating the need for daily POS reloading.

Excluding Specific Days

  • You can choose to exclude the specific days of the week you want to be skipped. To do so, simply select those days from the dropdown menu in the 'Exclude Days' tab.

  • For example, if your default ready-by date is set as 2 days and you place an order on a Friday with Saturday and Sunday excluded, the ready-by date will be on Wednesday.

Store Close Dates for In-Store Orders

  • If your store is closed on a certain date, such as a public holiday, then you can add this as a closed date. This date will be taken into account when calculating the ready-by date, and the system will automatically skip over it.

  • This can be added from Settings > Admin > Workflow > General Settings > Store Close Dates. Choose the dates you want from the calendar and click 'Add'.

  • You can always make changes to these days by removing or editing them.

  • It's important to note that the staff can manually override this setting if needed while placing and editing an order in the POS.

Pro tip: Closed dates won't affect online orders via the web booking tool or customer app. For online orders, manage closures in route settings by choosing 'Store Closed'. Explore 'Automatic Rescheduling for Store Closed Dates' for further details.

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