Order Issue Tracking

This feature allows you to report and keep track of any issues regarding an order.

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Reporting an Order Issue

You have the option to report any issues with an order directly from the Cleaning, Detail, Ready and Search pages.

How to Report an Order Issue

  1. Locate the order from one of the available pages and click on the pencil icon in the “Order” column.

  2. A new window will open, where you can click on the “Report Issue” button to enter a description of the issue.

  3. After entering the description, click “Submit” to register the issue.

  4. Once submitted, a red exclamation mark ⓘ will be added to the order indicating an issue was reported.

  5. By clicking on the exclamation mark, the details of the issue (i.e. what it is, when it was reported, and by whom) will be visible.

How to Solve an Order Issue

  1. Click on the red exclamation mark ⓘ and select “Solve” to provide a resolution summary.

  2. The exclamation mark will turn green to show the issue has been resolved. You can always refer back to the exclamation mark to view the issue history.

Viewing All Reported Issues

To view a list of all reported order issues, go to Metrics > Overview > Order Issues. From here, you can sort the issues based on the time period and also view which of them have already been solved and which are still awaiting resolution.

Note: Reporting an order issue will not prevent it from being processed, but it will help your staff identify and keep track of any reported issues.

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