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Creating Pickup & Delivery Orders in CleanCloud POS
Creating Pickup & Delivery Orders in CleanCloud POS

Initiate pickup/delivery orders in CleanCloud POS. Activate online store for scheduling. Apply auto-delivery fees as per settings.

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Activate Pickup & Delivery

In CleanCloud, you can enable pickup and delivery orders from the POS New Order page or allow customers to schedule online via the web booking tool/customer app.

Activate the online store under Settings > Admin > Store Settings > Services Offered > Pickup and Delivery to enable scheduling.

Creating a New Pickup/Delivery Order

  1. On the New Order page, after entering customer details, click the clock icon near the Submit button.

  2. From the dropdown, choose 'Pickup', 'Delivery', or both.

  3. Select the pickup/delivery date and time. Confirm by choosing the highlighted date (Green) and ready by date (Blue), then click 'Submit'.

This order will be visible on the Pickups page and automatically listed in the Delivery Printout and Driver app.

Automated Pickup & Delivery Fees

The POS automatically assigns pickup/delivery fees to orders. When selecting pickup/delivery, the system applies delivery fees based on standard/custom route/locker fees, subscriber privileges, or free delivery based on the subtotal amount.

Removing Automated Fees

The delivery fee now aligns with the Pickup and Delivery rules and is automated on the New Order page, limiting manual edition/removal. However, in situations requiring exceptions or adjustments, you can follow this workaround.

For one-off adjustments:

  1. Add a custom product using the "+item" button.

  2. Title it "Delivery fee waived" or a similar description.

  3. Enter a negative number for the price to effectively subtract the amount from the total.

This approach ensures that the system accounts for the delivery fee, while the offsetting discount ensures the customer doesn't pay for it.

Note: For frequent use, consider creating a standard product for this purpose.

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