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Elevate order processing with CleanCloud's Garment Tags. Easily customize tags, add item notes, and streamline workflows.

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For a non-barcoded order processing workflow in CleanCloud, consider using Garment Tags, widely adopted by our Dry Cleaning customers and suitable for various businesses.

What's Included in a Garment Tag?

A Garment Tag will contain the following: order ID, ready date and time for the order, customer name, order details and item notes.

A normal tag looks like the image below; if you wish to make any adjustments then get in touch with us.


If you service shirts, then you can print slim tags. Slim tags will be printed like the image below:


Recommended Printers

For optimal Garment Tag printing, we recommend the following printers:

To purchase these printers, refer to CleanCloud's Recommended Hardware guide.


Regular Garment Tags streamline a basic order workflow:

  1. Create an order from the New Order page.

  2. Upon order submission, set up automatic tag printing.

  3. Assign the relevant tag to the garment.

  4. Process the garment as usual.

  5. Ensure tag removal before returning items to the customer.

Item Notes

Regular garment tags can include item notes. To configure, navigate to Settings > Hardware > Garment Tag Printer > Tags per Row > '1 (large number with Item Notes)'.

Note: This feature is not available for WebPRNT/Epson Intelligent printers as they are being phased out. Compatibility is ensured with Regular Star/Epson and iPad Star printers.

Additional Information

  • Tags are typically printed on wet-strength paper with indelible ink, suitable for attachment during cleaning cycles.

  • For normal paper usage, note that tags won't withstand cleaning cycles.

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