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Pickup and Delivery Notifications Settings
Pickup and Delivery Notifications Settings

Optimize order management with CleanCloud's Pickup & Delivery Notifications. Customize alerts and preferences for efficient processes.

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Enhance order management with CleanCloud's Pickup & Delivery Notifications for web booking tool and customer app orders. Tailor alerts to optimize your processes by configuring your preferences at Settings > Admin > Pickup and Delivery > Notifications.

Configuration Options

  • Notify Customers by: Choose SMS, email, both, or no notification for online customers.

  • Email Address to Notify Staff of New Orders: Enter an email address to receive notifications whenever a new online order is placed.

  • Phone Number to Notify Staff by SMS for New Orders: Input a phone number to receive SMS notifications for new online orders.

Pro tip: SMS credits are required for this service, available for purchase at Settings > Admin > Notifications > SMS > SMS Credits > Buy SMS Credits.

  • Send Customer Email After Signing Up: Activate this option to send a welcome email.

  • Send Pickup Reminder The Day Before: Toggle this feature to send customers a pickup alert the day before, serving as a friendly reminder about their upcoming pickup.

  • Custom Text in Welcome Email: Personalize your welcome message or include a discount. If left blank, a default message will be displayed.

  • Send Customer a Calendar Alert with Email Notifications: Toggle this option to send a calendar alert to your customers with email notifications.

  • Timezone for Calendar Alert: Select a timezone if the calendar alert option is enabled.

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