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Which CleanCloud Pay terminal is best for you?
Which CleanCloud Pay terminal is best for you?
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CleanCloud Pay Terminals

This article provides information on the two CleanCloud Pay terminals we offer, along with the current pricing for each. The models are the:

Important: When purchasing a terminal from CleanCloud, you will need to have at least started the KYC process before a terminal can be ordered for you.

CleanCloud Pay AMS1

👉 Note: Only available in the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.


Upfront: US$199.00 £199.00 + VAT€199.00 AU$350.00

Rental: US$15 £15 + VAT €15 AU$25.00

Key Features

CleanCloud Pay AMS1

4" High Definition Touch Screen



2600mAh Rechargeable Battery

Fully EMV (chip) & contactless-enabled

CleanCloud Pay PRINT (S1F2)

👉 Note: Available in All CleanCloud Pay Eligible Regions/Countries.


Upfront: US$299.00

Rental: US$20 per month

Upfront: €299.00

Rental: €20 per month

Upfront: £299.00 + VAT

Rental: £20 per month + VAT

Upfront: A$499.00

Rental: A$40 per month

Key Features

CleanCloud Pay PRINT

Customer Experience

Fully EMV (chip) and contactless-enabled

Accept credit, debit, and gift cards

Pre-loaded with local payment methods

Accept e-wallets (Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay™️, Samsung Pay, WeChat Pay)

Dynamic currency conversion

Pay in your own language

Customer recognition and recurring payments

Add a tip option

Tax-free shopping enabled (offered via POS provider)

Printed receipts

All-in-one Device

Customise the on-screen look and feel

Integrate apps for everyday business functions


Real-time remote updates (Terminal API)

Plug-and-play terminal installation

Unparalleled, unified data

Connectivity and Security

Simple integration with Terminal API (nexo protocol)

Offline processing

PCI 6 compliant

Coverage across the EU and USA

💳 CleanCloud Pay Terminal Update: The tipping solution is now available in all countries. Manual integration is required for Canada and Australia. Contact support for assistance.

💡 Need more help?

To find out more about CleanCloud Pay, please visit our dedicated collection here. If you still have further questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team for more information.

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