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Activate Rack Prompt when Order is Cleaned
Activate Rack Prompt when Order is Cleaned

Activate the Rack Prompt feature for seamless cleaning and efficient rack assignment.

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Ensure prompt rack assignment by activating the Rack Prompt feature when marking an order as Cleaned. Simply press 'Cleaned', and a box will request the rack number.

Utilize a barcode scanner to streamline the process further by scanning the receipt barcode or rack location barcode for swift order-to-rack assignment.

Activation Steps

  1. Navigate to Settings > Admin > Workflow > Cleaning Page.

  2. Enable the 'Prompt for Rack Location for Each Order when Cleaned' checkbox.

  3. Save changes by pressing 'Submit'.

Racking and Scanning Orders

  • Racking from Cleaning Page: When racking from the Cleaning page, the system verifies if the customer has existing orders on the rack in the Ready page, notifying the staff accordingly.

  • Scanning Orders to Rack on Ready Page: When scanning an order to the rack on the Ready page, the system checks if the customer already has other orders on the storage rack and notifies the staff if so.

This feature assists staff in consolidating orders at the same rack location for a customer, enhancing organizational efficiency.

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