Digital Receipt Setup

Enable digital receipts seamlessly: Set up E-Receipt links in notifications and print QR codes on customer receipts for quick access.

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Offer your customers the convenience of an electronic receipt, known as an E-Receipt, accessible through a link online.

Setting up E-Receipts in Notifications

  1. Log in to your CleanCloud account and navigate to Settings > Admin > Notifications.

  2. Access the relevant SMS or Email section to include an E-Receipt link in notifications.

  3. Enable the 'Send Link to Digital Receipt' option and click 'Submit'.

Setting up E-Receipts on Customer Order Copies

  1. Log in to your CleanCloud account and visit Settings > Hardware > Receipt Printer.

  2. Enable the 'Print QR for E-Receipt' option and click 'Submit'.

  3. A QR code will now appear on the customer's receipt. Scanning this code will direct them to the Hosted E-Receipt.

Note: QR codes are printable on thermal receipt printers only and won't work with garment tags or laser/inkjet printers.

Photos on Digital Receipt

Uploaded photos from the POS or the Driver App will be displayed at the bottom of the digital receipt, in the 'Photos' section.

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