Automate Monthly Summary Reports

CleanCloud's Monthly Summary Report compiles key stats like orders, revenue, and new customers for your monthly review.

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CleanCloud offers streamlined monthly reporting by automatically sending a summary highlighting key metrics.

👉 Activate this feature on Settings > Admin > Notifications > General Settings > “Send Monthly Summary Report”.

Note: The monthly report will exclusively be delivered to the primary admin email address.

What's Included

  1. Paid Orders

  2. Revenue

  3. Unique Customers (existing customers placing an order)

  4. New Customers (new customers placing an order)

Report Breakdown

Receive a comprehensive breakdown in your admin email, including:

  • Date

  • Number of Orders

  • Orders Revenue

  • Number of Invoices

  • Invoices Revenue

  • Total Revenue

🚀 Advanced Reporting for Grow and Grow+ Customers

For enhanced reporting capabilities, Grow and Grow+ customers can explore CleanCloud's Report Export Scheduler. This tool simplifies report management by automating report generation and emailing.

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