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Create custom templates effortlessly for impactful email campaigns. Exclusively for Grow and Grow+ plans.

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Creating custom email templates can help streamline your email marketing efforts and ensure your emails are on-brand and visually appealing.

With CleanCloud's Email Template Builder, you can easily create and customize email templates for all your email campaigns and one-off marketing emails.

Note: This feature is only available for Grow and Grow+ plans.

Accessing the Email Template Builder

Navigate to Settings > Marketing > Email Templates > Create Email Template. Here you will find a list of blocks to personalize in your email template:

Logo Header

Adds a block with your store logo at the top. You can upload a logo by going to Settings > Admin > Store Settings > Appearance. Under these settings, you need to activate “Show Logo on Email”.


Large text for headings.


Main body text.


Create clickable buttons. This can be linked to a webpage by adding a URL or using one of our preset call-to-action options.


Upload images from your gallery, use CleanCloud stock images, or let AI create one for you by providing prompts in the “Prompt” field. Specify what you want in the image, select the format and style, and let AI create it.

Note: Daily limit for AI-generated images applies.


Separate blocks. Adds a line to separate blocks in the email.


Block used at the bottom of the email, this can contain the buttons to download the CleanCloud app or your own custom app. You can also add social media links here.

Creating an Email Template

Email templates are created using content blocks, these can be added by clicking the option in the side menu on the right.

The standard template will include the following blocks:

  • Logo

  • Title

  • Image

  • Text

  • Button

  • Footer

You can easily remove or edit these blocks as needed.

Customizing Blocks

To customize a block, hover your cursor over it to highlight it. Then, click on the block to open the side menu, which will allow you to change properties such as font, size, colour, and alignment.

To delete a block, click on the red bin icon in the top right corner of the block. The blue arrows next to the bin icon allow you to move a block up or down within your template.

✅ Click on the green check mark to save your changes to the block.

General Template Settings

To change the general settings of your template, click on the “Settings” tab. This allows you to edit the template name, email subject, and background colour.

Note: Be sure to click the green “Save Template” button once you're finished editing your template.

Template Action

In the 'Template Action' menu found in the Settings tab, you can now assign an email template to replace the online signup welcome email.

By choosing the 'Welcome Email' option instead of 'No Action', your selected template will smoothly replace our default welcome email (located in Settings > Admin > Pickup and Delivery > Notifications), offering a personalized touch for your online signups.

Editing, Deleting, and Duplicating Templates

Once a template is created, you have the option to delete, edit, and duplicate it as needed.

  • Duplicating: To duplicate a template, click on the square icon next to the template you wish to duplicate. Enter a name for the new template and click the green “Duplicate” button.

  • Editing: To edit a template, click on the pencil icon next to the template you wish to edit.

  • Deleting: To delete a template, click on the bin icon next to the template you wish to remove.

Pro tip: Duplicating allows you to use an existing template as a starting point for a new one, saving you time and effort.

Sending an Email Using a Template

  1. To use an email template for a regular email, go to Settings > Marketing > Email.

  2. Select “Use Template” in the top dropdown menu, and then choose the desired template from the ”Templates” dropdown menu.

You can then add your email rules as usual. For more details, explore our Marketing guide collections here.

Using Templates for Automated Campaigns

  1. Navigate to Settings > Marketing > Automated Campaigns.

  2. Click “New Campaign” and follow these steps:

    • Step 1: In the “Send Using” dropdown, choose “Templated Email”.

    • Step 2: Select your template from the “Template” dropdown.

    • Steps 3 and 4: Proceed to these steps as usual.

For detailed insights into automated campaigns, refer to this article.

🚀 With CleanCloud's Email Template Builder, creating and customizing email templates for your business is effortless. Use this feature to create more professional and visually appealing emails that will help drive your marketing efforts forward.

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