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Automatic Rescheduling Notifications for Store Closed Dates
Automatic Rescheduling Notifications for Store Closed Dates

Automated rescheduling in CleanCloud flags orders on closed dates, prompting customer notifications for pickup adjustments.

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CleanCloud introduces an automatic rescheduling feature to notify customers if their repeat pickup coincides with a store closure date. This ensures seamless order management even when stores are closed.

Setting Closed Dates in Routes

To activate this feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Admin > Pickup and Delivery > Routes.

  2. Choose the relevant route and click the pencil icon to edit.

  3. Add the 'Closed Date' and decide whether to 'Apply to All Routes'.

  4. Press 'Submit' to save the changes.

How It Works

Once closed dates are set, every time an automated repeat pickup coincides with a closed date, the system will:

  1. Create the order as usual.

  2. Flag the order as needing rescheduling.

  3. The customer will then receive a notification to reschedule the pickup via their online account—accessible through either the customer app or the web booking tool.

Additional Information

  • The notification method is determined by the store's settings in Settings > Admin > Notifications, where options include email, SMS, or push notifications.

  • This feature operates similarly to when a Driver marks an order for rescheduling using the Driver App.

📅🔔 Pro tip: This feature is particularly beneficial during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, where store closures may clash with scheduled pickups. The system prompts customers to reschedule, ensuring efficient order management.

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