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Centralized hub for efficient order management. CleanCloud's Search Page lets you search and monitor progress seamlessly.

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Master CleanCloud's Search Page to streamline your order management process. Utilize its filtering options, track order updates, and enhance visibility for a seamless and organized workflow. Stay in control of your operations with this powerful tool.

  • Accessing the Search Page: Access the Search page by going to Settings > Search.

  • Filtering Options: Choose between 'Orders', 'Customers' or 'Payments' from the dropdown menu.

  • Order-Specific Searches: Opt for the 'Orders' filter. Refine results by specifying 'Order Status' and 'Order Type', distinguishing between 'In-Store' and 'Pickup and Delivery' orders.

  • Tracking Order Updates: When searching for a specific order, gain comprehensive insights into its journey. View updates, including creation, cleaning, detailing, and completion details, along with timestamps.

Pro tip: Use the search bar in the top right corner for quick access when locating orders awaiting pickup, cleaning, or collection.

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