Zip Codes for Geofences

Our new feature allows you to create a Geofence for your pickup and delivery routes, by simply adding in the Zip codes. See how it works!

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Create and Edit Geofence Routes With Zip Codes

Now, you have the ability to use Zip Codes to create Geofences and service areas for pickup and delivery routes. Previously, you could only set up a Geofence by drawing the service area on the map.

This is an excellent way to optimize your time when setting up new routes.

How to Create or Edit a Geofence Route With Zip Codes

When creating or editing a route on Admin > Settings > Pickup and Delivery > Routes, select the Geofence Type to “By Zip Code” and add the zip codes you wish to cover.

Note: If you would like to enter multiple zip codes, please separate them with commas, and make sure there are no spaces between them. For example 90210,92102.

Once you submit this, you will see that the route will be stated as “By Zip Code”, and customers with an address within the designated zip code range will be automatically assigned to it online.

👉 If you require assistance creating or editing a route, please refer to this step-by-step guide available here.

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