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Route Planner & Route Optimization

Learn route planning and driver app optimization for seamless and streamlined deliveries.

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Delivery Printout Page - Route Planner

  1. To access the Delivery Printout page, navigate to Pickups > Delivery Printout.

  2. Within the new page, click on the 'Route Planner' button to access the route planning feature.

  3. On the Route Planner page, you can filter based on:

    1. Routes.

    2. Order Type (business account orders or customer account orders).

    3. Routing (Google Maps with a maximum of 25 waypoints or CleanCloud Route Pro with a maximum of 150 waypoints).

    4. Engine type; if on Route Pro (Combustion vs Electric).

    5. You can also input your start and end points, along with any waypoints. Route Pro users can view map pins of all order addresses before running the route optimizer.

  4. Once satisfied, click 'Submit'.

  5. The system permits you to send the created planner to a driver or any other staff member with access to the Driver App.

πŸ—’οΈ Pro Tip: In the POS Route Planner, optimize multiple routes simultaneously by selecting one or more routes. This is handy, especially when a single driver is covering multiple routes in a shift.

Route Pro

Choose Route Pro for a more efficient and tailored delivery experience.

Exclusively designed for Grow and Grow+ customers, Route Pro offers a range of advantages, including the added benefit of displaying Driver ETA in the 'driver is coming' email notification. Optimize your pick-up and delivery process by selecting between Google Maps and Route Pro in POS or Driver App.

The Route Planner introduces enhanced features, displaying time slots for each order; this grouping simplifies the selection and optimization process. Additionally, you can now specify the vehicle type for your deliveries, providing greater control over your logistics.

Driver App Route Optimization

  1. Log in to the Driver App.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Maps to choose your preferred service (Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps).

  3. On the home screen, see 'P' for pickups and 'D' for deliveries. Tap the selected orders; a tick mark will appear.

  4. Press the blue arrow in the bottom right. Choose your 'End Point' and 'Routing' (Google Maps with a maximum of 25 waypoints or CleanCloud Route Pro with a maximum of 150 waypoints).

  5. Engine type; if on Route Pro (Combustion vs Electric).

  6. Select 'Optimize Route' when ready.

  7. The optimized route displays; press 'Accept', reflecting changes on the main page.

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