Sales Tax Setup

Learn to set up and manage tax rates in CleanCloud. Configure taxes, customize rates, and even set exemptions for specific products.

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Sales Tax

Follow these steps to manage sales tax rates and customer Tax IDs effectively in CleanCloud.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Admin > Store Settings > Tax.

  2. Edit your Sales Tax % and choose if it's included or added to the product price.

  3. Add secondary taxes like 'Environmental Tax' if needed.

  4. Set 'Tax / VAT ID Number' and 'Custom ID for Reports'.

  5. Click 'Submit' to save changes.

Pro tip: After setting the tax rate, specify if certain products are tax-exempt on the Settings > Products page.

Tax ID for Customers and Business Accounts

  • You have the option to enable a field to display the associated tax ID on customer accounts. To do this, go to Settings > Admin > Workflow > New Order page > Optional Customer Fields and toggle on the 'Tax ID' option. After activation, update the Tax ID on the customer CRM page.

  • Business accounts will automatically display the Tax ID.

Note: The Tax ID will be visible on invoices for both customer and business accounts.

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