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Configuring DoorDash Delivery Windows
Configuring DoorDash Delivery Windows

You can set your DoorDash pickup and delivery availability times to match your needs.

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Discover how to tailor your DoorDash pickup and delivery availability times according to your preferences.

Setting Up Delivery Windows

With DoorDash integration, customers can book 1-hour slots online based on the set availability.

  • Go to Settings > Admin > Pickup and Delivery > DoorDash > Pickup and Delivery options. Under this menu, you will find the 'Business hours for Dashers'.

  • For route-specific availability, visit Settings > Pickup and Delivery > Routes > 'Custom DoorDash Business Hours'.

Here, you can choose the days and times you want DoorDash services available for your customers.

Things to consider:

  • The minimal time range for a DoorDash order in a day is 4 hours.

  • Within the range you select, your customers will be able to select pickup and delivery times that will act within a 1-hour window.

  • Orders placed after the cut-off time of 3 hours for the day will be processed the following day.

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