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Add Funds to Laundry Cards through CleanCloud POS
Add Funds to Laundry Cards through CleanCloud POS

Conveniently top up Laundry Cards at the front desk via our POS, a smart solution in case of kiosk issues.

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Now, you have the convenience of topping up customer Laundry Cards directly at the front desk using our POS system. This eliminates the need to rely solely on Laundry Cards kiosks, especially when there are malfunctions.

Note: Currently, this feature is only compatible with LaundryCard, FasCard, and Laundroworks, and it is exclusively available in the US.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Create a New Product

  1. Go to Settings > Products and select 'Add Product'.

  2. On the new page, choose the Product Type as 'LaundryCard/FasCard/Laundroworks Add Value'.

  3. Fill in the required fields, including the product name, the section where you want it to appear, and an icon image.

Step 2: Applying Value

  1. In the New Order page, select the customer you want to top up the credit for.

  2. Locate the product you have created in the previous step.

  3. When you click on the product, you will be prompted to 'Add Value to Card', where you will need to input the top-up amount, card ID and have the option to check a box for 'Save to Customer Account'.

Important: With Laundroworks, the customer is required to tap their card on the Laundroworks reader after submitting the order.

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