Setting Up a (1099) Contractor in CleanCloud Payroll

Set up 1099 Contractors effortlessly with CleanCloud Payroll! Seamlessly manage payroll for both W-2 Employees and Contractors via Gusto.

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We've introduced an exciting new feature in CleanCloud Payroll, allowing you to handle payroll for both W-2 Employees and 1099 Contractors through Gusto.

👉 Here are some important considerations:

  1. Activation and Workflow Matching: Ensure CleanCloud Payroll is activated in your CleanCloud POS to unlock this feature. Make sure the user's email matches in both CleanCloud POS and Gusto workflows during onboarding.

  2. Hire Date Precaution: You cannot process payroll for someone if their Hire Date is set for a future pay period.

Setup Process

Setting up a user as a contractor within CleanCloud is similar to adding a regular employee.

1. Go to Settings > Users > Manage User Accounts > Add User.

2. In the user details within your CleanCloud POS, choose the “Employment Status” dropdown and select “Employee” or “Contractor”.

3. Check the “Send email for employee self onboarding” box to allow the user to input their data, which you can review later. Click “Add User”.

4. After the user completes self-onboarding, review their form input by navigating to Settings > Admin > Payments & Finances > Payroll and open the “Manage contractor” workflow.

5. Review and approve the user's details. Click “Save and Continue” for each section, ensuring accuracy, including the summary page.

Once these steps are completed, you can start processing payroll for the contractor.

Important: Contractors need to clock in and out like W-2 employees to track their hours for payroll. Learn more about using our clock-in/clock-out feature here.

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